Equine Appraisals  &

Expert Witness Services

Competent - Diligent - Professional

Sigma Equine LLC was created by Tanja Schnuderl to provide her clients with high-quality equine appraisal reports and competent expert witness services.

Her extensive knowledge and work experience in both, legal and equine professions enable her to deliver top-notch results for all your appraisal and expert witness needs.  

She is an accredited equine appraiser with the American Society of Equine Appraisers and has earned senior appraiser status. In addition, Tanja Schnuderl serves as Director of International Services with The Equine Expert LLC and provides Equine Expert Witness and Consulting Services. 

Contact her by email tanja@sigma-equine.com or phone 571-345-6486 to discuss your specific needs and get a custom quote.

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